About Eritrea

The government of Eritrea continues to show its strong support to the development of mining as an important sector of its national economy.

Full name The State of Eritrea
Population 5,939,484 (July 2011 est.)
Capital Asmara; approx 649,000 (2009 est.)
Area 121,144 square kilometers (46,774 square miles)
Currency Nakfa. (Pegged to the USD.)
Time GMT + 3
Government Independent state since 1993
Head of State President Isaias Afewerki since 1993
Languages Tigrinya, Tigre, Arabic and English are spoken. English is rapidly becoming the language of business and education.


Eritrea is located above the Horn of Africa on the continent's east cost, between Sudan and Ethiopia. The country covers 121,144km2, with a 1,151 km coastline along the Red Sea.

Gash-Barka is one of the six regions of Eritrea. It is situated in the south-west of the country, bordering the Anseba region to the north, and the Central and Southern regions to the east; the county of Sudan lies to the west and Ethiopia to the south.

The capital of Gash-barka is Barentu. Other towns include Agordat (the former capital), Molki, Sebderat and Teseney.
With an area of 37,000 square kilometers and a population of 567,000, the Gash Barka region makes up roughly one-third of Eritrea. Many call this region the "breadbasket" as the region is rich in agriculture. As of 2005, many believe there are over 3.5 million livestock in this region, and many camels. The region is also rich in marble, and other important minerals, including gold. In Augaro, there are some old mineshafts and machinery from the days when the Italians mined gold here.

History and Information

Asmara, estimated population 649,000 (2009), is the capital of Eritrea. It became the capital of the Italian colony of Eritrea in 1900. In the late 1930s the Italians changed the face of the town, with a new structure and new buildings; Asmara was called "Piccola Roma" (Little Rome). Nowadays the major parts of buildings are of Italian origin, and shops still have Italian names (Bar Vittoria, Pasticceria moderna, Casa del formaggio, Ferramenta, etc...).


Industry Food processing, beverages, clothing and textiles.
Agriculture Sorghum, lentils, vegetables, corn, livestock, fish.
Exports Livestock, sorghum, textiles, food, small manufactures.
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